Honoring Our Past to Protect Your Home’s Future

Moreno Foundation Repair in Forney, TX, has more than 15 years of experience providing superior foundation repair solutions. It doesn’t matter if your home was built in the 1960s and has a laundry list of foundation issues or if it’s a relatively new home that fell victim to unpredictable soil or construction mishaps. There isn’t a foundation problem we haven’t tackled, and there isn’t an overwhelmed homeowner we haven’t been able to take care of. You could say the secret lies in the systems we use … and that’s true. But it also comes down to our experience and commitment to honesty, integrity, accountability, doing things right the first time, and good old-fashioned hard work.
Our patriarch, Virgilio Moreno, is a military veteran who dedicated the majority of his early years to serving his home country of El Salvador. When he retired, he started Moreno Foundation Repair in 2008. In an industry where foundation repair experts are seemingly around every corner, Virgilio remained small compared to his competitors, but he quickly made up for that with fair and honest work and a commitment to doing right by each customer. As the years went by, he began teaching his son, Excequiel, everything he could about foundation repair, including many of the problem areas that are often easy to overlook.
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Excequiel Moreno - Foundation Repair
Excequiel began working for his dad as a wide-eyed 10-year-old boy, many times arriving to work shortly after school got out. He arrived on time for every job, including on weekends, and worked hard — even if all he did that day was clean up the job site or hand his dad a tool when he needed it. He worked hard, and Virgilio gave him more responsibility every step of the way.
In 2019, Excequiel and his lovely wife, Allysa, took over the family business. They’ve been growing it ever since.
With Moreno Foundation Repair, you get unrivaled industry knowledge and a family of professionals looking to solve all your foundation repair needs. Below is a quick breakdown of what happens when you call us:

STEP 1 — Call us to schedule a free estimate
We come to you, giving you the chance to show us the damage in person.

STEP 2 — Take measurements
We draw a house diagram and use a Ziplevel to measure differences in the foundation and determine pier location.

STEP 3 — Explain your options
Once we’ve assessed your home, we discuss repair plans that match your needs, provide a written estimate, and answer any questions.

STEP 4 — Experience superior foundation repair
When you accept our bid, our foundation repair experts schedule your project and get to work!

Family Owned Foundation Repair Company

Honoring Our Past to Protect Your Home’s Future

We know you have options when it comes to your foundation repair needs. Moreno Foundation Repair was built on honest, family-first values and a relationship-minded approach to business. We are local, family-owned, and committed to doing work right the first time. If your doors are sticking, or you’ve got cracks forming on the kitchen tile, give us a call now!
We have seen and fixed it all. Call Moreno Foundation Repair today!

"They came through for us!"

"We trusted Moreno Foundation to save our house from sinking into the ground, and they came through. They are a family owned business you can trust. Their prices are reasonable, they will work hard to keep your house clean during repairs and most importantly, their work is reliable."

Liz Johnson